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Jakarta & Sorroundings


Time : 8.00 – 16.00 hours
Tour Destination : National Monument – Old Batavia - Fatahillah
Sunda Kelapa – National Museum
Type of Transport : Private Car
Price : USD 60

The trip included:
- Pick up service and transfer
- English speaking tour guide
- Entrance fee
- Snack box
- Lunch

History in Brief
The old port was attacked by a neighboring Sultanate under the leadership of Prince Fatahillah, was renamed Jayakarta, meaning” Total Victory”. According to some historians, this even took place on June 22,1527,a date which later was officially recognized as the birth of the city of Jakarta. The Dutch spice traders arrived in the late 16th century, and launched a trading relationship the archipelago that would greatly boost their home economies, and significantly impact the history of Indonesia. Dutch administration extended until 1945, and Indonesia’s first President, Soekarno, proclaimed Indonesian independence and Jakarta became the accepted nation’s capital.

Sunda Kelapa Harbour
The old port area of Sunda Kelapa remains today a bustling hub inter-island trade. Graceful Bugis Phinisi schooners, the world’s last wind-powered sailing fleet used for trade, still berth at the quay as they have for centuries.




National Monument
Jakarta’s best known landmark, the 17-meter National Monument Monas, is located in the center of Merdeka Freedom Square. View the city from the Observation deck or check out the dioramas in the basement that portray the dramatic story of Indonesia’s history National Museum.


Taman Fatahillah Square

Museum fatahillah.jpg Located in the historic center of colonial administration in the 18th century, this square offers three of the city’s most interesting museums. After a major restoration in 1970s,of special interest is the fountain in the center of the square.



Museum Nasional

Situs Wonoboyo The Museum was opened in 1868. Museum with vast collections of prehistoric, ethnographic and archaeological artifacts, including one of the largest collections of Southeast Asian ceramics and Hindu Javanese art on earth.